Monday, June 25, 2012

Farmer's Wife - fewer than 20 blocks remain

And still progress is slow. As I get to the last 20 blocks, needless to say the blocks are more difficult and have many more pieces. Rather than the first blocks which have less than 10 pieces, the remaining blocks have over 40 pieces in many cases. Here are three that I've made this week.

105 wild goose chase

57 morning star

105 wild rose and square
So that makes over 90 blocks so far. I plan to use the scraps in a forthcoming bee I'm participating in and as my month is August, I need to get sewing on these blocks. However I'm being distracted by the Hexy MF Quiltalong which I'm planning to do in patriotic colours with Jenny and Lorraine. Having found that the Accuquilt hexagon die has the right size for cutting the papers, I'm planning to cut lots of freezer paper templates asap as I love doing hexagon flowers. They're also great for evenings, travelling and Wednesday quilting group. We only need to make 74 flowers (25 each). I can't wait to get started. I'm hoping Matthew will help me cut out the templates.


Betty said...

I abandonned the Farmer's Wife a longtimeago so I can oly say: chapeau!
Very smart of you to divide the work in the hexie quilt, but who'll get the quilt? or is it forcharity?

katherine macwin said...

Love visiting your blog and have been for quite some time and love seeing your farmers wife blocks. The fabrics you are using are beautiful. I have started only a few months back but haven't really been able to sew much on it lately. Am about to go out and set up my sewing area so hopefully soon I will have something to show on my new blog.