Sunday, February 26, 2012

Successful UFO day

Eleven of us at Caesarea Quilters UFO day. I'm glad I arrived early as I had loads of random questions thrown at me and plenty of miscellaneous quilting stuff to get out of the car, so it was ten before I was ready to start. I also picked up two quilts to long arm, probably after Wednesday, the deadline for getting my Eisteddfod entries to Astra. My Thimbleberries block of the month is now at the laundrette, so just my Tilda doll and sewing in the ends on my knitted cowl to complete. Very doable.

I achieved quite a lot during the six hours as well as quite a bit of morbid chatter. I completed three Farmer's Wife blocks from scratch and finished another swoon block making six so far.

85 square dance

42 fruit basket

40 friendship block

I've just updated my Farmer's Wife progress spreadsheet which tells me I have just 22 blocks to sew. I recently doubled checked my list and put all the blcoks in numerical order as some seemed very familiar and I thought I'd already done them. however there are several blocks which are almost identical to other blocks in the book. Of course most of the remaining blocks have 50 pieces in a 6" block, but there are a couple of simpler blocks which should be a quickish finish. I also have just three swoon blocks left to make which I will probably take to Chez Soi's all day session on Wednesday.

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