Sunday, August 30, 2009

Day 17

I think this is the day 17 layout from Shimelle's class. Still a little tired but we had a very late and very rough crossing Friday night from St Malo. Got home about 1.30am. As you know I am not a late night person. Can I recommend when you book with Condor Ferries, you let them have your mobile number as we had a text at 3pm to advise that the sailing had been put back from 9 until 11.30.

Saved a lot of waiting around and meant I could spend an extra hour in La Cabane au Perles. Elizabeth and I spent a lovely three hours in there yesterday afternoon on my way back from Carnac. We chose our project and beads on Monday. However I was a bit thrown by the girl yesterday when she said my project would take more than two hours (the length of a class). I think my face told it all and I also mentioned that the owner of the shop hadn’t told me that on Monday. We worked away and Nick even helped us in our projects. I now have an Eisteddfod entry which I’ll bring to Chez Soi on 9 Sept. This Wednesday children haven’t yet gone back to school. The shop charge 5 Euros for the atelier on top of the cost of your chosen materials which I thought was good value. This shop is next to the art and quilting shops in Montgermont. Here’s the website but I can’t see the necklace I made in their gallery. Probably just as well!!

I have almost finished the day 16 layout but I want to use some chipboard letters and can't find my sissix alphabet. The box they're in isn't small but I still can't see it. I may have to tidy my rom as Lorraine has Herbie over this weekend and that's the only way my layout's going to get finished.

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