Saturday, June 13, 2009

Free - we all like that word don't we??

If you didn't try the free hybrid class for National Scrapbooking Day and I know you passed that up, try this class. I love the videos that you watch whilst doing what you're told and which you can stop whilst you find the tool you need. It's free so have a go, you might like it. And no I'm not trying to convert you to digital scrapbooking, I know my photos could be improved with a bit of tweaking - could yours?

Mark your calendar for June 22. That's the day registration opens for the FREE instructor-led class of 2009 - Photo Editing: Frame-ups & Special Effects! In celebration of our SECOND BIRTHDAY, will host an incredible photo editing class you don't want to miss! You’ll even receive a stunning FREE KIT by our friends at!

Curious how to use the digital goodies you’ve collected? Or how about creating scuffy, worn edges or rounded corners on your photos? Dying to know to add swirly borders to your pictures like you see in magazines and advertisements? I'll show you how easy it is to add beautiful accents to enhance your digital photos, as well as how to add special photography effects using Photoshop and Photoshop Elements.

This FREE two-week class begins on July 6, 2009!

In this brand-new class, Jessica will show you dozens of awesome techniques you can use to add effects to your photos, including:

Blending modes
and more!
You will love learning how to add beautiful frames, brushes, and edges to your photos, and giving them specific looks: dreamy, vintage, cross-processed, soft light, and LOTS MORE. You're in for the educational experience that only has to offer: screencast video, a private gallery to post your work, a forum to answer your questions, daily emails from Jessica, and a GORGEOUS free kit courtesy of our friends at House of 3.

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