Thursday, May 21, 2009


I've read in a couple of places about snack boxes which are delivered to your door. I received my first box (for free) today. I was worried that as I was out, I would have to collect it from the PO, but fortunately it's letter box sized. You get to rate what you receive and say what you don't like (eg goji berries). My box pictured below included fresh pineapple, apple strudel dried fruit mix conisting of Dried apple, naturally dried apricots & dried cranberries and bbq cashews. The box also has the full details of calories per portion.

If you fancy trying a box out use this special promotion code to get a free graze box and another half price…

free box code: 8N5PYQHE
they enter at:

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Fellow LOADster here, You have some great layouts. Fun to look through your blog.