Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Getting ready for the Oscars

Friday evening sees the start of the Ukscrappers Cybercrop of the theme of the Oscars. The organising team seem to have taken on board comments from earlier cybercrops and one of the changes is fewer kits. For the mystery kit you can either buy a kit or make up your own. I used some of the products from this month's scarlet lime kit for my "Comedy Kings" themed layout.

In preparation for Friday night I want to get the sketch challenge done and at the moment I'm planning on doing one of my Egpyt photos with the April Scarlet Lime kit which is Making Memories 5th Avenue. Not that my Egypt photos have arrived yet which I ordered from truprint on Monday. At the moment Truprint are doing 4p a print for 4 by 6 prints which is much cheaper than printing at home.

The other class I'm definitely doing is Shimelle's photos a day calendar. I have ordered the calendar and I'm hoping it will be delivered tomorrow. The reason being once I'm behind I never quite catch up and lose enthusiasm.

And if you'd like to join in the cybercrop go to If you haven't registered on UKS before, that will be the first point of call, then click on the register button in the cybercrop area and you will be allocated to a team, then go to the bingo thread and choose 12 words and e-mail them off. Then enjoy.

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