Saturday, January 12, 2008

Crop day

The first crop of 2008 and it's 8.43 am. So what am I doing - the usual - printing out photos at the last minute. The printer and the camera weren't cooperating last night, but a reboot sorted them out. So here are my LOAD layouts for days 8 to 11 of January. That should be four layouts if I can remember what layouts I did.

Seaworld just needed some journalling but the E fell off the disk for my big dymo so that meant I had to abandon my dymo idea and throw the disk away.

Boys will be boys just needed the title block and patterned paper on LHS.

JJC dinner I did from scratch at Tuesday's group and when I came to upload it the same night to BPS couldn't get on the internet so am out of the big prize drawing.

Science Museum inspired by a layout in the Designing with 2008 calendar.

Printer still printing but I think I need to start packing the car.

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