Sunday, November 25, 2007

Found it

My scraproom kit eventually arrived so quickly pulled the layout together with lots of help from a sketch #59.

This morning we headed out to the Channel103 big car boot sale. Very busy and tight for space. Matthew was pleased with his Knex and Lego purchases. I found some books and a big rucksack for Elizabeth to use for her cub camp.

Then we set off with Joanne and Fiona to try and find four geocaches around town but without the aid of GPS. The first we found with the clue and help from Yvonne. Unfortunately it needs maintenance and the log was missing. The next two we didn't find but will return with GPS (once it arrives from Amazon). Bought two advent calendars from Thorntons on the way to Wests Centre where we found and logged our first find. To celebrate we had lunch at the Pomme d'Or. Perfect weather for geocaching.

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