Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Ukscrappers cybercrop

The bad news is that the crop on 24th November has had to be cancelled as the venue are putting up their Xmas decoartions - the good news is that UKScrappers are having another cybercrop weekend.

What is a cybercrop?
I've taken this information from Scrappybunny's FAQs (Frequently asked questions):
A CyberCrop is just like a real time Crop Event but it's based online, here on the UKS forums. A timetable will be posted shortly and you will be able to see what the crop will entail more fully; classes, games, challenges etc, and lots of chat to keep everyone in contact while we're all cropping and having fun

The timetable is the key to the weekend, you can print out a copy for yourself if you wish, and keep an eyeout for any updates running up to the weekend. The timetable is normally edited regularly until the crop, but won't normally be changed after the Friday morning of the crop.

Just have you and your cropping supplies ready to start, be near the PC if you can (though some members do run back and forth if theirs is in another room).

In the CyberCrop forum, there will be messages related to each event so it should be easy to follow. Usually once you get in there and see how things run, it is easy to see how it works. The Classes are posted in the Classes forum, and the Challenges & Games have their own forum too. Please check the timetable to see where you will find each event.

As there are so many members wanting to take part we split you into random teams, and each team also has its own chat forum. This is great for getting to know your team members and makes the cybercrop forums a bit less overwhelming.

So don't try and contact me that weekend as I'm unlikely to reply. LOL. Time to put some food ready in the freezer.

Here are some layouts I've done during earlier cybercrops:


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