Friday, January 14, 2022

January 2022 plans


Having already shared my plans for 2022, I realise that I haven't shared what I want to achieve in January. I have already finished the 2009 Prairie Schooler Santa. In no particular order:

1. The number three was pulled for the UFO challenge which is the blue corduroy purchased in York. I have chosen and traced a pattern but need to make a toile to make sure it fits.

2. Finish multi cooker cover for my friend's Xmas present 

3. Christmas Mystery SAL by Barbara Ana which is progressing slowly.

4. Quilt the group penguin quilt for which I just need the wadding which I'll collect on Wednesday.

5. Pattern test which I need a package from Aberdeen to complete and as it won't take too long, I will start next week.

6. Cut out Casserole quilt by Elizabeth Hartman ready for our February retreat and I can then use the Alison Glass fabrics for the feather quilt.

7. Alison Glass Feather SAL - stitch those blocks scheduled for January. The first blocks took a morning to stitch.

8. One row of Christmas Tree cross stitch by Barbara Ana.

A bit of a daunting list, but there are a couple of easy finishes. I have scheduled to cut the casserole quilt for 30 minutes a day so that should be complete by the end of the month but 160 1.5" squares is challenging.

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