Wednesday, March 22, 2023

WIP Wednesday - retreat plans


I Facebook videoed with my daughter, Lizzie, last weekend as we recently made a last minute booking for a stitchy weekend in Cleckheaton with Modern Quilt Club. We discussed what projects we were planning to make the previous weekend, but I have now kitted up both my projects and the bits that Lizzie needs me to provide. I am nervous that we will turn up and not have all of the hardware to finish our projects.

Our plans are to start a joint project first called the Sqaure Crossbody bag by Minki Kim of Sewing Illustration I am making one out of Ruby Star Society strawberry prints in pink and blue with a pink and white striped zipper, pink pleather for the back pocket and a pink strap. Lizzie is making one in green and one in black. She thinks we'll easily finish these on Friday!!

On Saturday we are making different bags - I am making the Fifth Avenue belt bag from Sallie Tomato and another free pattern which is the charm square  basket by Sew Sew Maria  Lizzie will also be sewing a pattern from Sallie Tomato - Isla Duffle.

I am using mustard with black and white accents for the belt bag as a very late Christmas present for a friend. The charm square basket is due to be made in Sweetwater fabrics for the outside. Each project is in it's own project bag and where possible I've precut the fabrics and Bosal for a quick start.

My last project is a quilt based on a mural in Spitalfields Maret and I have been waiting for an Accuquilt half rectangle die to be delivered to test out how it goes together as I only have limited experience of half square rectangles. Then I need to wait for a parcel of fabric to arrive today or tomorrow and I can then cut out all of the project ready to sew.

My experience of retreats is that I am most productive if I kit everything up ready to sew. I suggested to Lizzie that we finish kitting up the projects on the Friday morning of the retreat as she has webbing and zips for both of our projects, but she wasn't very receptive to that suggestion. 

We are looking forward to our weekend away and this time I will be flying to Manchester instead of Liverpool and a friend is giving me a lift and we're stopping at Fabworks on the way.

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